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IT Band Stretches for Pain Relief

The Iliotibial Band (IT Band) is our bodies largest piece of fascia and elastic connective tissue. Originating from the hip and connecting just below our knee joint, the IT band is believed to provide support and stability for the hip, as well as give us elastic energy for running (making is more efficient runners! wahoo). Of course, if this band gets too tight, we can experience pain or discomfort around the hip, knee, or both (yikes). This is especially common in runners, bikers, and athletes likely because:

1) The IT band is slightly expanding and contracting, storing and releasing elastic energy, which in turn may cause the connective tissue to tighten and ...

2) The muscles that connect to the band (Tensor Fasciae Latae, Glute Maximus, Glute Medius) are being used and in turn tightened, pulling on the band.

"Okay, great info, things get tight, pull on other things, whatever, I'm in pain, now help me!"

Relax, I got you

We are going to deal with this injury in 2 steps

Stretch the Muscles

Stretch the IT band

Strengthen this movement so we don't keep repeating ourselves

Yes I get it, you don't know how.... So I'm going to show you

1 - Stretch your TFL, Glute Max., Glute Med.

2 - Roll out your IT band and muscles connected

3 - Strengthen for future

Check out the video and follow along !

If you are experiencing pain related to the IT band I hope this video helped you out, if not, come see me in person and we can figure out the real problem

- Len de Wit, PhD, BSc

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