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Low Back Pain - At Home Stretches

Low back is the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaint that health professionals receive, and its for good reason. Not only is the lumbar spine a pivot point for hinging and movement, but it also can be influenced by the large majority of other body parts.

Yes, thats right, the first thing to understand is that although your pain is coming from the lower back, the CAUSE could be coming from almost anywhere. In my opinion, this knowledge is what separates the "good" health practitioners from the "bad". We can treat your back pain and make it feel better with adjustments, massage, stim, etc, but if we don't find the CAUSE, it will just keep coming back week after week (although some morally questionable health professionals want this to happen)

Let me give you an example of someone I have treated with back pain. The CAUSE was a tight CALF muscle..... yes. Wait what?

The overly tight calf muscle pulled the knee down, which pulled the hip down, causing the lumbar spine to shift = pain.

Ok this usually isn't the case, but I think you get the idea, there are a hundred potential causes.

In the mean time, lets give you few stretches that may be able to relieve this pain a little, and if by luck the root cause of the pain is muscular and we loosen it, you could be be free in no time.

Follow this stretch routine and hopefully it helps!

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